Locate earthquakes with QuickQuake

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Free iPad iPhone software written by Seismology Research Centre
Includes demo

YouTube brief demo

Quick earthquake locations for South Australia and Victoria.

Uses Melbourne University Seismology Server

Login details:

Server: meiproc.earthsci.unimelb.edu.au
Username: guest
Password: guest

QuickQuake is only intended for local earthquakes, not distant events. Listed locations are automatic estimates and are often completely wrong. Most events listed are overseas earthquakes. They appear as lower frequency waves (not coloured in by rapid movement), often have no S wave, and all stations tend to be a similar size.

  1. Pick an event – hit bullseye to load data (hit More for older events)
  2. Select waveform with best S wave – hit bullseye
  3. Drag P from left to start of event
  4. Drag S from right to S wave
  5. Continue to locate
  6. Choose model#2 for South Australia or model#1 for Victoria
  7. Drag bullseye around circle to get P and S waves to line up with 2 red lines.
  8. Hit View Report to see where it was.

Recent events worth trying:

2023-07-15 0853 NE of Gawler
2023-07-11 1954 NE of Gawler
2023-06-29 1532 SE Victoria
2023-06-12 1029 Foster, Vic
2023-06-03 2213 SE of Jamestown
2023-06-03 0203 Sorrento, Vic
2023-05-28 1342 SE of WoyWoy