Locate earthquakes with QuickQuake

Free from the App Store:

Free iPad iPhone software written by Seismology Research Centre
Includes demo

YouTube brief demo

Quick earthquake locations for South Australia and Victoria.

Uses Melbourne University Seismology Server

Login details:

Server: meiproc.earthsci.unimelb.edu.au
Username: guest
Password: guest

QuickQuake is only intended for local earthquakes, not distant events. Listed locations are automatic estimates and are often completely wrong.

  1. Pick an event – hit bullseye to load data (hit More for older events)
  2. Select waveform with best S wave – hit bullseye
  3. Drag P from left to start of event
  4. Drag S from right to S wave
  5. Continue to locate
  6. Choose model#2 for South Australia or model#1 for Victoria
  7. Drag bullseye around circle to get P and S waves to line up with 2 red lines.
  8. Hit View Report to see where it was.

Recent events worth trying: (especially those with **)

2022-07-29 1739 (says Hughenden, but it is SA)
2022-07-28 1340 Jamestown
2022-07-25 0038 Jamestown
2022-07-23 1403 Jamestown
2021-11-15 0933 (says Qld, but is SA) **
2021-10-21 0704 Nuriootpa **
2021-10-07 1313 Woomera (actually mid-north)
2021-07-03 1547 Port Augusta
2022-03-29 0834 Mount Barker aftershock **
2022-03-05 2050 Mount Barker mainshock **