This list of seismology-related links was mostly taken wholesale from our old page. We’ll check & categorise this later…

Seismology Research Centre (SRC) – an Australian site with free software and information, part of ES&S

GeoScience Australia – the Australia Government Agency responsible for monitoring events across Australia

Australian National University, Research School of Earth Sciences (Seismology)

IRIS Seismic Monitor World wide activity monitor for events greater than Magnitude 4 Link to various projects, resources and software at IRIS

Australian Centre for Geomechanics in Perth

Central Queensland Seismic Research Group (CQSRG)

CQSRG Public Seismic Network, Australian PSN Stations see ‘live’ data from some of our stations updated every 10 minutes

Atlas of the Underworld

Flinders Ranges Earthquake Hypocentres, Download the 10Mb file, save it to your PC, open it, enable 3D, click ‘Transparent’ on DTM and have a look around!

Adelaide earthquake 1954

Amateur seismology in Australia , ‘a review’ by Vic Dent

GEO, The Independent Organisation for Weather Satellite and Earth Observation Enthusiasts 


Alan Jones earthquake related software, AmaseisSeismic EruptionsSeismic WavesEq LocateJamaseis (monitor stations around the world on your PC ‘Live’)

Current Seismicity from instruments in Australia Melbourne EQserver (latest hour)

Melbourne EQserver where you can ‘look around the network’, search past dates and events.

A really good link about charging batteries, I’ve put this in because we use a LOT of batteries throughout our network.

Want to run your own seismic station? Then have a look at Raspberry Shakes, a seismic recording system based around the Raspberry Pi with an add on board. Data from ‘Shakes’ is automatically sent to a world wide repository which is available to researchers. You can also send your data to us!

Astronomical Society of South Australia – some key members of SAA are also part of ASSA. They kindly hosted our website before we started this one.