South Australian Earthquakes 1910-1919

by Kevin McCue IntroductionThis study of earthquakes in South Australia using newspaper reports began, for the author, in 1975 and is not finished yet as more newspapers are digitised by the National Library of Australia. It confirms that earthquakes of the modern instrumental period following on from the International Geophysical Year in 1957/58 occur in… Continue reading South Australian Earthquakes 1910-1919

South Australian Earthquakes 1920-1929

by Kevin McCue Introduction Newspaper searches following new scans by the Australian National Library have recovered 40 previously undocumented earthquakes in South Australia and information to revise known historical earthquakes over the decade of the 1920s. There are fewer than expected based on the frequency of earthquakes there in the instrumental period (Love, 1996). These… Continue reading South Australian Earthquakes 1920-1929

Gnowangerup earthquake

2023-08-05 2134 Gnowangerup Ml 5.7, Mw 5.0 (GA) David Love (updated 14 Aug) Location The event is in the far south of the SWSZ.  RHS figure shows various estimates of the main shock location (USGS, Geoscience Australia, A Wallace, DN Love A, and B with PSN seismographs, also 2 estimates of a small event 27… Continue reading Gnowangerup earthquake